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a balanced solution for work and health.
All in One Monitor base for you working with computer for a long time without a break
An All in One monitor base for those of youwho work hard on your computer’swithout a break
Be your neck and backhealthy
Be your deskclean and modern
All in One Monitor base for you working with computer for a long time without a break
An All in One monitor base for those of youwho work hard on your computer’swithout a break
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New concept of a monitor base
for you who work without a break
This real-time monitoring system can prevent and alleviate musculoskeletal system disease such as turtleneck syndrome,
muscular skeletal disease like an intervertebral disk and a herniated cervical disc which is caused by working without a rest or a wrong position like bending back.
Let your desk
no longer be dirty or untidy
Only the features you need
All in One device.
All of the functions of computer peripherals such as high-speed wireless charger, USB 3.0 hub, stereo speakers, and headset functions are all included in one product. This product can help createa clean desk without many computer peripherals and cables.
Smart monitor base for healthy lifestyle
Healthcare of the neck and back
Our Multi-sensor system can monitor in real-time, if the user is sitting in an incorrect position.
Our system assists the user into the correct position, by flashing LED lights when the user has a incorrect posture such as turtle neck position and stooped posture.
Reminders to rest
If the user is engaged in computer work for more than 50 minutes, the user will receive blinking signals from the LED lights to take a rest.
When a user rests regularly, the efficiency of their work will increase, as well as reduce stress.
Convenience of Wireless quick charge
It is offer a function of wireless quick charge. Also it is work with all kind of smart phones compatible with Qi standards.
Users no longer have to worry about their smartphones battery capacity and the hassles of wired charging cables.
Highly efficient USB 3.0 Hub
It offers four USB 3.0 ports.
The use of USB devices which is faster, easier, and more accessible is also available.
Our product is different to the other USB hub which is have an error of functions and not working.
When using four ports at the same time, the current supply is stable, so it operates perfectly.
Stereo speaker & headset
You can fully feel the richness of the music and sound in the stereo speakers(5W x 2ea).
The 3.5mm AUX and MIC jacks allow user to use the headset conveniently.
Make your desk more simply and neatly.
Multi-function! Design is attractive to simple.
This is an All in One product with the USB Hub, wireless charging, and speakers. So you can avoid the annoyance of many cables in your way. Purchasing this oneprevents the desk from a mess.
You can put a keyboard and mouse in the bottom space of this monitor base for even more cleanliness.
Size : W 595mm × L 238mm × H 95mm / W 608mm × L 238mm × H 110mm
Weight : 1.8Kg
Metarial : ABS, Wood(Birch + Rubber Tree)
Power : Input AC 100-240V ~, 50/60Hz, 2.0A / Output DC 5.0V/5.0A
Real Time Monitoring system
USB 3.0 Port × 4ea
Wireless quick charging(Compatible with all of Qi standards smart devices)
Stereo Speaker 5W × 2ea
Origin : Republic of Korea



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